Bar Completion

A few months back we mentioned being in the final stages of our bar remodel. In October, we officially finished construction: Complete with new seats, lit shelves, a unique bar top, and an awesome, new tap system. We marked the occasion by celebrating with a monster bash. Check out the bar gallery below:  

Although the bar might look a little different, we still have the same wonderful cocktails along with a few new additions. Part of what makes our cocktails so special is the simplicity in creation with a heavy focus on using great ingredients to create the wonderful taste you’ve grown accustomed to. Two of our most popular are the Pete’s Pina Moijto and the Florida mule, pictured below:

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the indoor ‘Grille bar, then you’ve certainly been missing out on some seriously comfortable seating, great atmosphere, and fantastically- delicious cocktails!  Come see us soon the next time you’re on U.S. 1!